dave-jennifer-madisonMadison Schultz

daughter of

Sergeant David R. Denhardt and Jennifer Denhardt

of Shelby Township, Michigan

Madison Schultz is the daughter of Sergeant David R. Denhardt and Jennifer Denhardt. Madison was selected as the 2016 Willis Foundation Scholarship Recipient. She will receive a future-use scholarship for her college tuition and expenses.

Madison's parents met in 2008 when she was only 2 months old. Sgt. Denhardt has been the only father Madison has known. Before Sgt. Denhardt was deployed, they had never spent more than a day apart. Madison was only 6 years old when her father was injured while serving in the Army National Guard. Sgt. Denhardt indicated that Madison has had to make many changes through the year including moving to new homes, new schools, making new friends, and dealing with her dad's medical issues. Despite the many challenges, Madison is always smiling and happy and has already become a very strong little girl who has learned from her dad to Never Give Up!

Madison loves Gymnastics, Girl Scouts, Shopkins and playing outside. She and her dad love playing games, camping, fishing and watching movies. Madison is very caring and loving and is always checking in on her daddy to make sure he is okay. While at the 2016 Willis Foundation Scholarship Reception, a proclamation was read to Sgt. Denhardt upon which he started to cry. Upon seeing her father crying, Madison got up and hugged her daddy, which was a beautiful display of love and affection. Madison wants to join the military after she graduates from high school.

Madison, the Willis Foundation wants you to know that your father is an American Hero!