Our Scholarship Recipients



Each of our Scholarship Recipients has a parent who was either killed or permanently disabled in a combat zone. Some of the children were very young; others never had the opportunity to meet their American Hero.

The Willis Foundation is committed to supporting the men and women of our United States Armed Services by providing "Great Rewards for Great Warriors." In honor of our Great Warriors, the Willis Foundation, along with its very generous donors, has established college scholarship funds for these children. This takes a major burden off the family, while allowing these children to achieve their dreams through a college education.

(Please note that we are working on building the Scholarship Recipient and the Hero profiles.)


The Willis Foundation recognizes the sacrifices of these children and reminds them and the world
that their parent did not die in vain, but in defense of freedom, honor, and the greatest country on earth.
Their parents are American Heroes!


Amirah Goode, 2009 Scholarship RecipientElizabeth Julian, 2010 Scholarship RecipientAvery Matteoni, 2011 Scholarship RecipientKairo P. Stevens, 2012 Scholarship RecipientAngel VanDreumel, 2012 Scholarship RecipientSkyler VanDreumel, 2012 Scholarship RecipientSchoonhoven Children, 2013 Scholarship RecipientsZekiah Thrailkill, 2014 Scholarship RecipientChloe Mills, 2014 Scholarship RecipientAdler Smith, 2015 Scholarship RecipientMadison Schultz, 2016 Scholarship RecipientKaiden VanSlyke, 2017 Scholarship Recipient