Cottage Inn Veterans Day Fundraiser for the Willis Foundation

November 11, 2016

For Veterans Day, the Cottage Inn held a fundraiser to benefit the Willis Foundation to show their respect and gratitude to our Veterans. For this fundraiser, the Cottage Inn sold their specialty pizzas for $11.11 at both their KL Avenue and Gull Road locations. They sold 245 pizzas and received additional cash donations from their customers totaling $2,766.95 that was raised in honor of our veterans and for the Willis Foundation!

We are very grateful to the Cottage Inn employees for holding this special fundraiser and to all of their customers who helped provide this funding for college scholarships for children whose parent was killed or permanently disabled in a combat zone. 

To enjoy more of Cottage Inn’s amazing pizzas, call (269) 353-4800 at their KL Avenue location, or (269) 345-5360 for their Gull Road location. You can view Cottage Inn’s menu here. God bless the Cottage Inn employees and all the amazing people who donated! Thank you!

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