Boer Insurance Group's Referral Program to raise money for the Willis Foundation

January 1 - June 30, 2017

The Boer Insurance Group will be raising money for the Willis Foundation through their Referral Program which will run from January through June of 2017. This Referral Program is simple...for each person that is introduced to Boer Insurance Group, they will donate $10 to the Willis Foundation! The person who connects them with a new potential client does not need to be one of their clients in order for the referral to count for the $10 donation. Further, even if the referred person does not end up working with them, the referral still counts for the $10 donation.  Basically, Boer Insurance will make a $10 donation for each person that reaches out to them based on the recommendation of someone else.  At the end of the six month period, Boer Insurance Group will make a lump sum donation to the Willis Foundation. Learn more about their Referral Program.

Boer Insurance Group has been in business since 1917. They are a family-owned and managed Independent Insurance Agency, meaning they represent a number of different insurance companies.  They have a unique focus on personal insurance and emphasizes the importance of having a relationship with their advisors. Additionally, 99% of the insurance policies they write are with companies based in Michigan.  This means their clients’ premium dollars stay here in Michigan to help create jobs, generate tax revenue, and brighten the future of our great state.

To learn more about Boer Insurance Group, please visit their website at Additionally, if you would like to meet with the Boer Insurance advisors to learn more about what they can offer you as a client, please mention that you were referred by the Willis Foundation.








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